Trimbkeshwar Srivastava

Trimbkeshwar Srivastava is a born mentor and educator whose understanding -skill-knowledge-experience and enthusiasm ensure that person easily absorb new knowledge. His open and sociable teaching-training style pooled with his dedication to individual success, guarantee that they will learn great soft skills and Knowledge and truly enjoy the process.

He is in the field of Education, teaching, training & development for the last 19 years. He has conducted training programs across Schools, Colleges, Educational Institutions, Hospitality, Telecom, Service, Automotive Industries & other corporate sectors. He designs the training programs as per the Education Institution & Industry requirements.

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Profile#1:As a Principal
After working as principal, sharing my experience
"    Training staff as per changing Boards norms and social scenario here and around
"    Developing rapport with parents through updation of their academic awareness by launching computer literacy drive and spoken English programme
"    Developing self-help groups, peer group counselors and academic clubs for better leadership qualities and self discipline traits
"    Elevating the institutional image beyond the recognized standards of excellence and exposure through effective publicity of common interests
"    Providing a free vent to the latent talent of the children through experiential learning and free-will learning to spur out
"    Heading teaching and non-teaching faculty towards self set targets
"    Imbuing self discipline amongst students, teachers and parents even
"    Channelizing the dormant energies of students for positive attitudinal transformation through personalized education.
"    Preparing students to face future challenges due ahead through regular and rigorous explorative exercises.
"    Setting high standards in education based on past experience and exposure
"    Value education programme implementation at grass-root level

Profile#2 : As a Trainer
Being Founder of and As a Soft skill trainer for the last 15 years in school-collages across India and running a Finishing School for students, Trimbkeshwar Srivastava came out with a customerised program for school which caters the need of present education.
Details are as under:
1. Teacher's Training
"The quality of an education system cannot exceed the qualities of its teachers"
This programme is specially designed for the teachers or educators.
Its main aim is to :-
"    Help the educators To know the psychology of students so that they can design their lesson plan and teach according to the students psyche.
"    Help the educators to understand the unique Pre-Nursery to class XII educational climate and culture dynamics.
"    Strengthen and promote school-community collaboration.
"    Introduce them to the changing scenario of education and help them to acclimatize to this global change.
"    Motivate the teachers to perform better in their field of expertise.

2. Students Training
"Awake the inquisitiveness in the children and they will reach where you want them to reach"
This programme is specially designed for the Students.
Its main aim is to :-
"    To inculcate necessary life skills or soft skills in students which guides them to excel in all the field of their life
"    To ignite the spark already in them so they become self motivated
"    To help them to realized the importance of education which will develop their interest in the study
"    Help them to realize their potential and methods to realized them

3. Parents Training
"The excellence of student is directly related to the parenting style"
Its main aim is to :-
"    Help the parents to know that How each child is gifted with special talents and how to encourage them.
"    Help them to know that Each child is unique in its own way so comparison is unnecessary.
"    Help them to realize their role in their child development.
"    Help them to know about different parenting style and their positive and negative effects.
"    How they can motivate their child.

Profile#3: As an Educationist, Motivator and Health Counselor
As a teacher he has always been a student first and has had the opportunity to study, examine and practice the Principles and methodologies of renowned Educationists like Madam Montessori, Giju Bhai, John Holt, Ivan Illich A Nagraj Sharma (Jivan Vidya), Ravindranath Tagore among others. This help him to develop modules which aims at providing students with firstly Holistic understanding of self, family, society and world, Secondly Skills, Techniques and understanding for a fulfilling occupation, thirdly Confidence, Grace, elegance and patience for happy and peaceful co-living in the society, Last but not the least Understanding of the natural world around for healthy co-existence in/with nature.
Hygienist & Physician
Has studied natural health nutrition and hygiene, Yoga, Mediation, concentration which help him to develop modules which aims: 1. To Learn Healthy ways of living (good habits) . To learn Healthy Eating Habits. 3. To Develop Memory-Concentration. Etc
Being in habit of "practice what you preached", he became a natural motivator for the student. Experience of Travelling all over India and with live examples, case studies, research methods and games he is a prominent speaker.
"    M. Phil in Education First Division
"    M.Sc. (EVS) First Division
"    H.V. (Expert): Lectured all over India
"    Diploma in Computer Application: Computer savvy: MS Office, Windows XP, Power Point, Excel etc
"    Diploma in Naturopathy and Yoga

1.    Principal at Leading School
2.    Course Coordinator for M.Sc. & Ph.D, SVYASA , Banglore.
3.    Soft Skill Trainer, NG, Surat. Worked with 32 schools of Surat.
4.    Operation Head, NG Finishing School, Surat
5.    Design Curriculum and Written Book For Punjab University
6.    Education For Being - Training Division (Educators training) at various School and colleges.
EFB, TD is a kind of programmes that provides exclusive training for preparing competent professionals in the field of education.
7.    Education For Being - Soft Skill Division (Students-Parents) at various School and colleges.
EFB, SKD aims to develop all the faculties of the child to make him a complete human being. This involves physical fitness, mental alertness, intellectual capabilities, emotional balance, aesthetic fulfillment, social responsibility and spiritual awareness. Through this training each of the above faculties will be strengthened by constantly providing the necessary inputs in the form of practical lessons in fields, which are not covered under their academic, physical or art education.
8.    Visiting Faculty and Educational Consultant- Being a visiting faculty to many renowned Institution Like- IITD, Punjab University, SIDH, VKVs, Mirambika, Krishnamoorthy Foundation Schools, Aurobindo Asrams School etc.

Skill and Expertise:
"    Mentoring
"    Educational Leadership
"    Teacher Training
"    School Administration
"    School Management
"    Leadership Development
"    Coaching
"    Curriculum Development
"    Curriculum Design
"    Computer Service
"    Consultancy
"    Multiple intelligence
"    Staff Training
"    Team Leadership

Author: Trimbkeshwar Srivastava
Sharing Experience with people and exploring possibilities to spread educational resources to benefit the children. Training the teachers and principals, Students, Parents and Corporate Executives.

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