"Career is not by chance but by choice"

There are very few who really enjoy their profession, their life, rest are searching for enjoyment, it's because they knew their passion and opt their career accordingly.

Nowadays People have developed certain tools, which helps them to explore the possibility of knowing their passion. There are many Tests, like MI (Multiple Intelligence) Test, Interest Inventory test, Work preference test, Value Test, Aptitude test etc….

These Tests will help them to find the career they are designed for, EFB conducts these test.


Studies show that there is a serious lack of soft skills in India today. This leads to the inability of young people to get the jobs and promotions that they want and have the technical skills for.

"A report from NASSCOM says only 10 percent of fresh graduates are actually employable. A similar survey of MBA and engineering graduates reveals only 25 percent of them are employable."- Economic Times

Education For Being  was created to put you on the right path to achieve excellent soft skills and career advancement.

We Provide

  • Career counseling and Guidance
  • Soft Skill Training
  • Multiple Intelligence Test
  • Aptitude testing
  • Interest inventory test
  • Work Preference Test
  • Value Test
  • Personality test
  • Information material - CD and Booklet.

EFB Provides Total solutions under one roof. EFB brings to you Solution to all your confusions, Key to open up the doors of your success.
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