Education for being ……….to pursue your passion

Each one of us is unique, wonderful, and important because we are designed to fulfill certain purposes on this planet Earth. Realizing our purpose makes us passionate to work for that purpose.

"There are very few who really enjoy their profession, their life, rest are searching for enjoyment."

Nowadays People have developed certain tools, which helps them to explore the possibility of knowing their passion. There are many Tests, like MI (Multiple Intelligence) Test, Interest Inventory test, Work preference test, Value Test, Aptitude test etc….

But these test are effective only when you start listening yourself, stop imitating others, contemplating what you really want? , Knowing your Being.

"Being" is the 'potential' in all of us, ready to be unleash

"Being" is the "virtue" latent in all of us needs to be developed

"Being" is our true nature, subject to realization

"Being" is the Divine Spark in all of us which we often forgets

All the teaching, training, education somewhere touches the very "being" to bring about any change in the individual. All the beauty, excellence, creation, invention, success, happiness happens when we are in our "being" and opposite happens when we are away from our being.

Stay with your being and rest is assured. All the Fortune-Happiness, Health, Wealth, Wisdom, Loving Relation, follows the "Being".

"Education For Being" Provides the necessary skills, Art and Science which bring forth our "being"

Education for being curriculum and programs are specially designed to bring about positive and permanent shifts in the life of individual.

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