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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose EFB?

The Fact is the Current Scenario; Mushrooming up of New Schools which put each education institutions to face increasing competition from both local schools and national branded chain of schools. In order to survive it has to show continuous improvement in all areas of their institution. Besides showing Improvement, It has to evolve its USP which provides an edge over other schools.

This can only be done through Training and Development and implementing new ideas, A Unique Domain of EFB.

Why Teacher's Training?

"The quality of an education system cannot exceed the qualities of its teachers"

Its main aim is to :-

  • Help the educators To know the psychology of students so that they can design their lesson plan and teach according to the students psyche.
  • Help the educators to understand the unique Pre-Nursery to class XII educational climate and culture dynamics.
  • Strengthen and promote school-community collaboration.
  • Introduce them to the changing scenario of education and help them to acclimatize to this global change.
  • Motivate the teachers to perform better in their field of expertise.

Why Students Training?

"Awake the inquisitiveness in the children and they will reach where you want them to reach"

Its main aim is to :-

  • To inculcate necessary life skills or soft skills in students which guides them to excel in all the field of their life
  • To ignite the spark already in them so they become self motivated
  • To help them to realized the importance of education which will develop their interest in the study
  • Help them to realize their potential and methods to realized them

Why Parents Training?

"The excellence of student is directly related to the parenting style"

Its main aim is to :-

  • Help the parents to know that How each child is gifted with special talents and how to encourage them
  • Help them to know that Each child is unique in its own way so comparison is unnecessary
  • Help them to realize their role in their child development
  • Help them to know about different parenting style and their effect
  • How they can motivate their child

How do I know if I have soft skills?

  • You have good soft skills if you have the job you want and your career is advancing.
If not, be honest with yourself and take the time to learn how soft skills can help you. India's economy is growing rapidly. A good job and career are yours to lose. Make sure your soft skills are working for you, not against you.

How do soft skills help you?

  • Good soft skills help you get better jobs, promotions, respect, and responsibility in the professional arena. Having good soft skills will make you stand out, giving you the advantage when applying for jobs and being chosen for promotions.

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