Soft Skill

"People forget what you said to them, people forget what you do to them but they will never forget how you make them feel."

This feeling aspect is what Soft Skill is all about.

For Example: There are many orators who deliver wonderful speeches, but we likes very few of them whom we really wants to listen. May I ask you why?
The Reason is Their Soft Skill. The person whom we really like to listen is the person whose Communication skill is excellent, Communication skill is one of the soft skill researchers have identified.
Similarly there are many leaders, but there are very few of them whom people really want to follow. Again what's the reason?
The Reason is Their Soft Skill. The person whom people naturally love to follow is because of Leadership skill, Leadership skill is one of the soft skills.
Human Interaction Experts, Behavioral Scientists, researchers through long research and analysis now agrees that its because there are set of fixed laws which governs successful human transactions, can be collectively called as Soft Skill. When we are acquainted with this laws (soft skills), get an edge over other people.

Having technical or hard skills is essential to getting and holding a job. Hard skills allow you to do the "practical stuff" your profession demands. Soft skills allow you to do everything else that comes with a job.

"    Supervise yourself, your work, your time and your life
"    Understand and Communicate effectively with your boss, team, and peers.
"    Describe and build your character, be trusted and remembered
"    Lead or Follow to achieve a combined goal 

Soft skills complete and define your hard skills which get you noticed and appreciated. This drives ADVANCEMENT and SUCCESS.

Soft Skills are also known as Emotional Intelligence. The technical definition is the cluster of personality traits, social graces, communication, language, personal habits, friendliness, and optimism that characterize relationships with other people. A person with good soft skills has the ability, capacity, and skill to identify, assess, manage and control the emotions of their own self, of others, and of groups.


  • Our body language and the way we hold ourselves
  • Our mannerisms
  • Our appearance and the way we dress
  • The way we speak
  • The way we listen
  • The way we write
  • The way others perceive our message
  • Our social and professional etiquette and ethics
  • Our rapport with people
  • Our personal hygiene
  • Our ability to lead or to follow as the situation demands
  • Our ability to work in teams and groups
  • The way we use our phones and other technologies
  • Our enthusiasm and commitment
  • The way we manage our time
  • The way we define and solve problems
  • The way we deal with stress and conflict

Soft skills are what we show the world of ourselves, they are everything about us that is not a technical or hard skill. People forms their opinions and impressions of us mainly based on our soft skills or lack there of. Soft skills are the driving force behind the way we work. When these skills are sharpen up, great employees, leaders, and companies thrive.

Note: Soft Skill is not essential only for your occupation, but for living a successful, meaningful, contended Life. That's why It must be given from home and school Level which demands prior teachers and parents training.

There are numbers of Soft Skill researchers have identified, here mentioning a few of them.

Communication and presentation Skill, Thinking skills, Problem solving,  Team work, Life-long learning, Information Management skill,   Entrepreneur skill,   Ethics, moral and professionalism, Leadership skills, Time Management, Stress Management, Anger Management, Positive Attitude, Interpersonal Skill, Self Confidence-Self Esteem,Tele Etiquettes, Letter Drafting, Sales and Marketing, Interview wining etc…………

EFB Provides Soft Skill Training For:

  • Corporate Houses
  • Industries
  • College Students
  • School Students
  • Educators & Teachers
  • Parents
  • House wife
  • For Any Individual who seeks betterment

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